Aradhana means the "Glorification of God". Aradhana is one way of communicating with God.

Aradhanas are an integral part of a Hindu's life. Every action and event in the life of a Hindu commences with a prayers.

Paryers help us to submerge our ego and pride immerse ourselves in devotion to the Lord


Recitation of Aradhanas are a means of glorifying the Deity. The Lord is appeased when Aradhanas are sung with spiritual emotions. Since these Aradhanas have been compiled by revered Saints, they are enriched with divine consciousness. Besides, the Saint's resolve (sankalpa) and blessings that devotees should benefit by reciting it accompanies it. Hence, we derive worldly and spiritual benefits from reciting Aradhanas.


  • We pray to depend on God for help in distress.

  • We pray for asking God for enlightenment.

  • We pray for communion with God through single-minded devotion.

  • We pray for asking for peace from God when the mind is restless.

  • We pray for surrendering ourselves to God completely.

  • We pray to God for giving us the ability to comfort others.

  • We pray for thanking God for his blessings.

  • We pray for expecting God to decide what is best for us when we are in a dilemma.

  • We pray for making friendship with God.

  • We pray for melting the mind and ego in silence in God.

  • We pray for requesting God to give strength, peace and pure intellect

  • We pray for asking God to purify the heart and make us abide in Him forever.







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