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National Conference on Pancharatra Agamam IV - 4-16 Oct 2020

National Conference on Pancharatra Agamam - IV Invite

KRIYASAGARAM is the reprint (e-print) of the older books in the form of Manuscripts, aged more than 100 or more years. It almost describes the Puja vidhi according to Sri Pancharatra Agama. 

Upto now nearly 15 volumes of books in Sri Pancharatra Agama and 3 volume of other Puranas have been published. These books were printed (up to 200 copies) with the help of many Datas (Donors) and issued freely to the interested people. These books were published with no interest in money and publicity.

The main aim of this website is to make the books available for all the Bhagavta Kainkaryaparas, who are interested in Sri Pancharatra Agama.

Sri Pancharatra Agama

The Panchrathra are Vaishnava Sanskrit Agamic texts. The Pancharatra Agamas constitute the most important texts of the Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya of Ramanuja. Composed of more than 200 texts; they are believed to have been compiled around the 3rd century BC,

Since ancient times, the worship of Lord Vishnu is strictly according to the principles and practices laid out in the Pancharathra.

Six aspects of Surrender in the Pancharathra

Surrender to god is one of the core teachings of Pancharathra.

i) Atma-Nikshepa or Nyaasa - placing oneself completely and directly under God's care.

ii) Kaarpannya - absolute humility, and honest awareness of one's own natural ignorance, impurity etc

iii) Mahaa-Visvaasa - irrepressible and great faith in God. Understanding that God is the benefactor of all beings, and His compassion is always and readily available. The firm conviction that He will not fail to protect us.

iv) Goptrr - recognition of Lord Sri Narayan as the sole Protector.

v) Praatikulya-Vivarjana - giving up whatever is antagonistic to any of His creations or to Him.
vi) Anukulya-Niscaya - The resolve to do good to all beings.

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